Top Local Coffee Beans Suppliers in the Philippines

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Top Local Coffee Beans Suppliers in the Philippines

Filipino breakfast habit wouldn’t be complete without sipping a delicious, fresh, and hot cup of coffee. May it is a brewed coffee you made in your coffee maker at home, a 3-in1 sachet you bought in your local store, or a ready-to-drink coffee you ordered in your favorite coffee shop, coffee will always be part of the lives of the Filipino people both of the poor and the wealthy.

The demands for coffee beans today is increasing and with this comes the need for us to import coffee beans from other countries. This doesn’t mean, however, that our local coffee beans suppliers in the Philippines are not playing its role in the Philippine coffee industry. It’s still important, after all, that we promote our coffee farmers and patronize our products.

Here are top 10 local coffee beans suppliers in the Philippines that are continuously paving their way to make Philippines’ coffee beans known not only here in the Philippines but internationally as well:

1. Bo’s Coffee


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Bo’s Coffee takes pride in offering homegrown coffee experience. They sell coffee beans in their coffee shops and use these beans as well to make their beverages. The company has a total of 91 branches throughout the Philippines, which sets them apart from other local coffee producers. Some of the coffee beans they offer at their stores include Sagada coffee beans, Benguet, Mt. Apo, Mt. Matutum, and Mt. Kitanglad coffee beans.

2. Caffeine Brothers


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The company might be new in the business but is now growing and making its name known in the coffee industry in the Philippines. They utilize an online store based in Manila to deliver its products to its customers. The brothers (owners of the company) are committed to giving its customers fresh and quality specialty coffee beans that are sourced from local coffee farmers in the Philippines. Caffeine Brothers offers coffee bean types such as Arabica, Liberica, and Robusta, as well as coffee blends.

3. Kalsada Coffee


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The company’s top priority is to help Filipino coffee suppliers bring quality coffee to the market. They pay coffee farmers over 50 pesos per pound of beans, which is more than what the Fair Trade suggests. Today, the company serves its product to cafes in Manila, La Union, and Catanduanes. It also caters to international coffee shops in New York, Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco.

4. SGD


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SGD offers coffee beans that are produced in Sagada. The founder of the company partners with farmers in Sagada to plant their coffee trees in their lands, when the beans ripen it is then sold to the company at premium prices. SGD is particular in offering Typica, a sub-type of Arabica beans which can be found in the mountains of Cordillera.

5. Kape Maria


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Kape Maria has three variants of coffee blends namely Pulag, Amuyao, and Maynila. Pulag blends beans such as Arabica from Benguet, Robusta from Ifugao Province, and Excelsa from Cavite, while the dark chocolatey signature blend of Maynila is a combination of Robusta and Arabica beans from Luzon farms. The macho flavor of Amuyao, on the other hand, has a strong blend of Excelsa coffee from Cavite and Robusta beans from Ifugao.

6. Coffee for Peace


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The company produces its Arabica beans in Mindanao and is known for its social efforts in resolving conflicts between certain Migrants and Bangsamoro farming communities in Mindanao. The company has received several awards and recognitions both from local and international award-giving bodies for their business and social efforts.

7. Figures of Beans


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The company sourced its coffee from the highlands of Cordillera where the coffee trees are exposed to the ideal growing conditions. Their distinct way of branding their coffee makes their product recognizable. They name their coffee variants as Irony (Dark Roast), Paradox (Arabica), Oxymoron (Arabica & Robusta blend), Understatement (Hazelnut), Metaphor (Caramel), and Euphemism (Vanilla).

8. Basilio: Coffee to Share


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Basilio is sourced from Filipino farmers all over the Philippines. Beans that the company produce are “Air Roasted” to bring out the inherent aroma and flavor of the coffee.

9. Mount Apo Civet Coffee Inc.

The coffee producer is best known for its Civet Coffee product which is processed from beans found in the excrement of civet cats. They are also known for producing Arabica coffee that is naturally-grown from the volcanic soil of Mt. Apo.

10. Monk’s Premium Blend

This coffee blend is produced by the Benedictine monks at the Transfiguration Monastery in Bukidnon, Philippines. The monks create a blend of Arabica and Robusta which is then packaged as ground or whole beans. Bukidnon is an ideal place to grow Arabica and Robusta coffee because of its high altitude and cool climate and its soil which is rich in the concentration of potash and phosphates.

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