Arabica’s distinct characteristic is its bittersweet taste and its mesmerizingly floral aroma which all of us can easily recognize. Being the most widely consumed specialty coffee around the world, “Mountain Coffee” is always sought after by enthusiasts and by commercial institutions.

Grown in cooler and more elevated areas of the Philippines, the Arabica plant develops slowly which gives its beans its distinct acidic note and fuller flavor.


Liberica, locally known as “Kapeng Barako” delivers a strong kick and pungent aroma in every sip from your coffee cup. It has an inherently bitter taste and has a high caffeine level which is expected from our favorite drink.

Widely grown in most parts of Southeast Asia, Liberica possesses the reputation of delivering a lingering aftertaste that is indeed exceptional and long-lasting, paired with a dark chocolaty note with sweet hints.


Robusta is widely known to possess the full-bodied experience that coffee lovers look for. It serves as a popular choice for home brewers and baristas alike because of its high caffeine level and antioxidants compared to its counterparts, giving the beans their unique bitter taste.

As its name suggests, Robusta can grow on low altitude as well as varying climatic conditions making it readily available locally. Its flavors include bolder, darker, chocolaty note that is perfect for your next espresso.


CB’s Finest combines many good qualities every coffee drinker looks for in their cup.

We made sure we deliver just the right body, just the right boldness, just the right bitterness, topped with just the right aroma combined into one fine blend which everyone will enjoy.  Each sip of CB’s Finest brings about its rich and full flavor with a lingering nutty aftertaste.