Your Essential Guide to the Best Pop-up Coffee Shops in the Philippines

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Your Essential Guide to the Best Pop-up Coffee Shops in the Philippines


Getting your caffeine fix isn’t just a way to stay awake around the dreaded 3 PM work slump, we can tell that all coffee lovers take the overall experience seriously. Very seriously. We are not anymore surprised to find Starbucks Coffee Shop in almost every corner in the metro but there are still loads of cafes that are worth your time and penny. Partly due to the current pandemic situation, coffee shops “popped-up” in those warm and cozy spots ready to serve your morning americano or after-dinner frappuccino.

What is a Pop-Up Coffee Shop by the way? To put it simply, it is a business that opens for a limited time with a clear start and end date. You can find it in a typical storefront, event space, roadside, plaza, unused gallery, or even a bus or truck that moves in between locations. These pop-ups are different from the typical coffee shop we are used to visit, sit on a comfy chair, and have a great conversation with a friend before the pandemic struck but there is one thing they maintain that makes us interested in them, it’s great coffee.

In this list, we’ve compiled a selection of what we consider to be some of the best pop-up coffee shops across the Philippines. These locations put real thought and effort into crafting a good cup of coffee. Because of the entrepreneurial spirit of these brands, you will find them in locations you never thought possible to have your caffeine fix. They always set a mood that carries you into work or reveries.

Without further ado, here’s the list and a message from its founders on how they started the business.

Nest Café in San Pedro, Laguna

nest cafe coffee shop

“I am Carlo, a former barista, a bird breeder and a seaman. Our small business started last January 2021. We thought of this small business as a way to survive this pandemic because we are really affected especially my job and our family business which is a school service. One day as I am scrolling through Facebook, I got an idea from a mobile cafe in Pampanga that made me think to start my own mobile cafe with the help and support of my family by using our school service van and the money I got from selling the birds as my capital. From passion for coffee to passion for birds, that’s where Nest Cafe name came from and now, we are serving hot and iced coffee together with baked goodies such as cheesecake bites, crinkles, macaroons, brownies, cookies and cupcakes from my sisters (April and Paula) online shop also Bites by Chachy (@bitesbychachy). You may see us, a yellow van, along the road of San Pedro, Laguna and nearby cities brewing coffee and serving you yummy desserts.”

Operating Hours: 6am to 9pm Wednesday to Sunday. Visit their Facebook Page for the updated location
Email Address:
Facebook Page:
Instagram Handle: @nestmobilecafe

Kafe Barako in Talisay, Batangas and Malolos, Bulacan

kafe barako coffee shop

‘Kafe barako is a local coffee shop located in batangas that offers kapeng barako as thier signature coffee, flavored cold brew and other pastries and snacks, Located in a small barangay in talisay, batangas which is known as the gateway to taal volcano, our al fresco dine in offers a majestic view of taal lake and the volcano. The owner/founder was an ex-barista who had experience here and abroad. Kafe barako started last october 2020 as a mobile coffee, where in coffee and other stuff were all prepared at the back of the car, seeing how the people appreciates this new trend, their support helped kafe barako to put up a small shop just after a month. And after 3 months, kafe barako was able to expand in the north area , in Malolos bulacan. Now kafe barako has just turned 7 months in the local coffee shop industry.”

Operating Hours: 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 6am to 6pm Saturday to Sunday
Email Address:
Facebook Page:
Instagram Handle: @kafebarako_ph

Kopi.ti Pop-Up Café in Sampaloc, Manila

kopi.ti coffee shop

“Kopi.ti is a Pop-up Cafe located at Sampaloc Manila, founded by Yna Benin, and was established last April 2021. “Kopi.ti saved me from depression. This is what keeps me going day by day during this pandemic.” “Because of these trying times, unfortunately, I am currently on furlough for half a year from my regular job due to the drastic effect of the pandemic. The first 2 months of my furlough journey was very dark and hard. Supporting your family, you worry about the bills, daily expenses, and everything. I got depressed, shut people out, and had dark thoughts of giving up. Until one day, the thought of always wanting to have a Pop-up Cafe came to me. And so with baby steps, support from my family and friends, my partner, Joseph Autoexec, where I get my freshly roasted coffee beans, and of course the guidance of our good Lord, I’ve made that dream into a reality. We converted the small space inside the gate of our house into a simple Pop-up Café and mini Hamkke Korean Mart. Now I’m loving every moment of it –these includes the days that I only get to sell 1 cup, I’m still blessed and thankful! To those who support small businesses like us, we will always be grateful. From our passion to your cup, every hand-crafted beverage is made with LOVE and THANKS.”

Operating Hours: 12pm to 9pm Thursday to Sunday
Email Address:
Facebook Page:

Coffee Bros in Candaba, Pampanga

coffee bros pop up shop

“We started with only 1.5k budget on our pop up cafe. Many were inspired because of our shop. We served hot and iced coffee using french press. Manual bean grinder”

Operating Hours: 5am to 9am Daily
Email Address:
Facebook Page:
Instagram Handle: @coffeebrosph

Typica Coffee in Taytay, Rizal

typica coffee shop

“Typica Coffee started as an online retail shop last Sep 2019. With passion for coffee and the goal to help the local farmers, Typica Coffee introduced locally sourced beans. Eventually we opened a small cafe in Antipolo City last Jan 2020. However due to the pandemic the shop was closed after two months of operation. Typica Coffee continued to operate online and offered cold brew bottles for work from home employees. By Sep 2020 we’ve decided to rebrand Typica Coffee and turned a sari sari store into a Japanese inspired coffee shop. A small community coffee counter the provides an affordable pastries and beverage with a grab and go concept.”

Operating Hours: 8am to 10pm Daily
Email Address:
Facebook Page:
Instagram Handle: @typicacoffeeph

Beanaband Cold Brew in Taytay, Rizal

beanabad coffee shop

“We are a Cold Brew based coffee established last July 2020. We first started offering bottled Cold Brews and later on put up a pop up shop last March 2021. Our pop up coffee shop has a concept of brewing our coffee manually and serve freshly brewed.”

Operating Hours: 6am to 10am Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Saturday
Email Address:
Facebook Page:
Instagram Handle: @beanabadcoldbrew

Master Kopi in Baliwag, Bulacan

master kopi baliwag

Facebook Page:
Instagram Handle: @MasterKopi2021

Location and Operating Hours:

Master Kopi Baliwag – Tambayan sa Mural, Baliwag Business Center, DRT Highway, Pagala, Baliwag Bulacan | 4pm to 10pm
Master Kopi Pulilan – Pulilan Public Market, Brgy. Cutcot, Pulilan, Bulacan | 1pm to 8pm
Master Kopi Glorietta Park – Fiesta food park, glorietta park, Poblacion, Baliwag, Bulacan | 3pm to 8pm

Kape Lugud in Pampanga

Kape Lugud pop up shop

Kape Lugud is owned by Mark Mutuc and Krizia Mae Quiambao which are couple for months but friends for 6 years.

Napag usapan namin mag business kase lagi kaming nagagastos para sa food and other stuffs pero wala pa kaming work kaya kailangan namin ng income, coffee business and naisip namin dahil hilig namin and coffee. Coffee time yung best time of the day kapag mag kasama kami kasi nakakapag deep talks kami at dito kami nakakapag open talaga sa isa’t-isa. We always make sure that what offer are always made with love, kapag nag aaway o tampuhan lagi sasabihin ng isa “paano tayo gagawa ng coffee kung walang lugud (which means Love)?” Kaya nagkakaayos kami kaagad para maging special lagi yung mga drinks na ginagawa namin kaya ganyan and business namen namin “Kape Lugud”. What ever you do as long as it is made with Love it will be special.

Operating Hours: 9am to 8pm
Email Address:
Facebook Page:
Instagram Handle: @kapelugud

Terra? Brewed Tayo! in Sta. Rosa, Laguna

tera brewed pop up shop

I was inspired by my crew mate in passenger cruiseship who was able to make a mobile coffee on the go. And there you go. I started mine and named it Terra? Brewed tayo! Where i lived in. As i started my 1st day i choose to place my wigo vehicle infront of our club house then start selling my iced cold brew coffee. I was shocked because the people who lived in our villages is iced coffee lovers who are often going to starbucks and lined 1 hour to get their drinks. They say a big Thank you for putting up a mobile cafe in our place to get rid of their cravings for iced coffees. I have 15 choices of drinks in my menu, One of my best seller namely Iced cold brew caramel cheese cake. Day by day i look for other locations to market my mobile coffee and grow accordingly to my plan. Because of pandemic i learnt to be a business minded. I used my profession to put up a mobile cafe while enjoying on the spot iced coffee making.This covid 19 pandemic is huge struggle for Seafarer like me who lose a job for a year.

I used some Torani syrups not because it is a well known syrups for coffee. I used it because those syrups can balance sugar and coffee in a better taste. The only thing is, Experience,Passion and creativity of building a drinks into a Glass or Cups. Theres always a technique,Twist and secrets when making it. – Daniel D. Guelas

Operating Hours: 5:30pm to 9:30pm Monday to Sunday
Email Address:
Facebook Page:

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