How Caffeine Brothers Started

One normal day, while drinking their favourite brewed coffee bought from one of the small coffee distributors in Manila, Philippines, the idea of creating their own coffee business came up. Coffee is already part of their life. For the brothers, coffee is a lifestyle and starting a day without a cup of coffee is like facing the day without confidence and being defeated right away by the day’s challenge. They both love coffee and have a passion of discovering different kinds of it.

Caffeina, who is believed to be a Roman Goddess of Energy, Clear Thinking, Stamina, Determination, Creativity, Coffee, and other caffeinated drinks, became the primary inspiration of the brand. The founders strongly believe that coffee serves as a “Fuel of passion,” a stimulant of “Freely Flowing Ideas without Prejudice,” and a “Silent Companion of Success.” Brothers is how the founders see their bond and thus, Caffeine Brothers was born.

About the Logo

  • Coffee Bean in a Cup – Every coffee that we drink started with a bean. Likewise, the brothers look at the Coffee Bean as a focal point from the plant to the cup. It is also the reason that the image – which resembles a steaming hot cup of coffee – is placed at the centre of the logo.
  • Round Coffee Stain – Coffee is the “Silent Companion of Success.” This serves as the brothers’ symbol for ‘passion.’ Every dreamer, every goal-setter, and every achiever who is a coffee drinker, they believe, has left a coffee stain from the cup and that stain symbolizes that in every sip from your coffee cup, you leave a stain of upcoming success.
  • CB – Initials of “Caffeine Brothers.”

Best Beans. Best Coffee. Best Buddy.

This tag line is a shortened version of what the brothers believe. The best beans produce the best coffee, which is enjoyed when shared with your best buddy.

In addition, the tagline serves as the commitment of the brothers in delivering the best beans that are in good condition sourced from all over the Philippines such that our customers will have the opportunity of drinking coffee they will consider as the best.