How and Why to Switch to Black Coffee

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How and Why to Switch to Black Coffee

You are probably a coffee lover if you’re reading this. Hi there buddy, we’re just the same, and just like everyone else, you’re probably fond of going into your favorite café just to get your nice and delicious hot coffee to start your day. But, hey, just wanna ask you though, do you ever drink black coffee as a coffee lover? Maybe, maybe not. You’re probably more on a creamer and sugar type of a drinker, but learning how to drink black coffee is a must that you should do if you really want to call yourself… a coffee lover.

Trying to switch to drinking black coffee? Let us help you by giving you some advice on how and why to switch to black coffee.

You see, coffee is filled with delightable unique flavors that you won’t even know they are there when you put so much cream and sugar on it. It can sure take time for you to switch to black coffee but starting it right and today will make you appreciate black coffee and its exquisite flavors at its best.

Ready to give black coffee a try? Here are a few tips on how you can switch to black coffee.

  1. Check out and try different coffees. Believe it or not, there are a lot of coffee blends and roasts out there for you to check out and try. You can check your favorite coffee bean suppliers in Manila like Caffeine Brothers, Co. to start with, they are a great starter to black coffee. Coffees’ taste varies from fruity, some that are sweet and creamy, and some that have a strong and bitter taste.  If you’re used to drinking coffee with sugar and creamer, you can find and try a coffee that has creamy taste on it even if it’s black.
  2. Do some taste testing.  Before adding your favorite creamer and sugar to your black coffee, try to taste your coffee first and see what you think about it. Take a real taste. Is it really too bitter to drink? If yes, calculate the amount of cream and sugar you will put on it, make it on minimum, and have a drink again. By doing so, you expand your coffee tastes little by little even if you’re still relying on cream and sugar.
  3. Find the brew method that works for you. Check different methods of brewing your coffee online, each brew method has a way of altering the taste of your coffee. You just have to find the best that perfectly suits your taste.
  4. Reduce the sugar and creamer you put on your coffee. Day by day, slowly reduce your sugar and cream intake in your coffee. Or you can also try to just cut the sugar altogether and just add creamer on it. It will surely be a big adjustment, but you’ll get by. You can also cut back the creamer that you put on your coffee until you learn how to finally cut it out on your daily coffee experience.
  5. Goodbye creamer, goodbye sugar. If reducing sugar and creamer doesn’t do it, you can always finally kiss creamer and sugar a goodbye and go cold turkey. It may be a little hard, haha, okay, really hard at first and you may not enjoy your coffee at the beginning but make it your daily ritual and your palette will adjust by itself. You will even wonder why you put something on it in the first place. (wink)

Now that you have an idea on how to switch to black coffee, let us give you now some reasons why you should drink black coffee to encourage you more on drinking… black coffee.

  1. Get to taste the real flavor of the coffee without the extra calories. Drinking black coffee is the perfect way to enjoy coffee as it was meant to be. Drink it black, taste its exquisite flavor.
  2. Black coffee can make you happy. Drinking coffee especially black coffee can improve your mood and make you happy. It even helps in keeping your depression at bay. Coffee can increase the production of dopamine, noradrenaline, and serotonin that is important in elevating your mood, reducing stress, and depression.
  3. It can boost your memory and make you smart. Having a cup of black coffee in the morning helps your brain to stay active and boosts memory power. It has a psychoactive stimulant that helps to improve your cognitive functioning and your mood and energy that makes you smart over time.
  4. Other health benefits. Drinking black coffee has other health benefits according to studies. A few of its other health benefits include improving your cardiovascular health; prevents liver cancer, fatty liver disease, and hepatitis; cleanses your stomach by urinating more often; burns your fat in the tummy and helps you lose weight; it has antioxidants and contains Vitamin B2, B3, B5, potassium, manganese, and magnesium. Black coffee can also decrease your risk of diabetes by increasing your body’s insulin production.

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