6 Types of Coffee Drinkers

coffee drinkers

6 Types of Coffee Drinkers

Coffee is said to be one of the world’s most popular beverages. After water, it is the most widely consumed liquid in the world. But coffee is more than just a beverage. It is a culture, art, and even a passion. It indeed plays a big part in our lives as it often helps from setting us up and fueling the rest of our day. Coffee lovers normally associate the energizing lift of the caffeine with the richness and aroma that it delivers. It takes around 10 minutes for caffeine to have a corresponding effect on your body, with coffee reaching its full potential approximately 45 minutes after consumption. Arabica, Robusta, and Liberica’s beans are just some of the commercially used species to produced coffee. The process is long and complex, and often the most complex process being done with any major beverage as it is also very labor intensive. Every step executed is performed with passion and precision. Just like the specialty coffee manila, it is only committed to delivering quality coffee with beans sourced from the rich lands of the Philippines.

Nothing really beats the aromatic smell of coffee, whether at home, in the office, or in a coffee shop. Listed below are the six types of coffee drinker:

The Instant Drinker

This doesn’t give much attention to the fancy things or those pricey coffee variations in the coffee shops. Any instant flavored-coffee plus hot water is fine with them for as long as they can have a cup of coffee every single morning.

The Casual Coffee Drinker

This type of coffee drinkers does not rely on a cup of coffee to strike up and get ready for work. They can start their day normally even without a cup of it. Most probably you won’t see them at all during the week since it is not necessary for them to intake it nor have a daily cup a day. However, when the weekend rolls in, you will find them enjoying a cup of java perhaps, in a quiet spot in one of the coffee shops. Most of them are enjoying the weekend with a cup of coffee alone, or with the weekend paper. Though, today, due to the advent of technology, they’ll be using smartphones, relaxing, taking their precious time while enjoying every single drop of coffee.

The ‘Fancy’ Creation Drinker

For them, coffee is not a coffee without lots of milk, foam and even chocolate powder. They enjoy drinking lattes, cappuccinos, mochaccinos, and macchiatos. If ever someone courageously walks up to your counter and correctly pronounce macchiato, that person is a fancy creation drinker. To tell you seriously, they actually know the differences between those coffee drinks.

The Caffeine Addicts

Are you having a hard time functioning in the morning without a cup of coffee? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. As per studies, caffeine is considered the most commonly used drug in the world. It is a natural stimulant and many people believed that coffee drinking and the caffeine intake goes with it, allows them to revved up and kick-off their day. This doesn’t mean that they actually like the taste of coffee rather, they have this idea that they need it to function. A caffeine addict type of drinker looks like dehydrated zombies even after their nth cup. They already built up a high tolerance to caffeine that he or she needs it every morning. They are indeed regular customers to coffee shops. You’ll most likely spot them before every morning before work and several times during the rest of the day. These people might even fall asleep without caffeine.

Caffeine has the ability to increase your metabolism. and even boost your mood. In relation to your brain, it helps in increasing alertness, concentration and the motivation to work. For an 8-ounce cup of coffee, approximately it contains around 100 mg of caffeine, more than enough to produce noticeable effects for the majority of the people. As you consume it, it will take about 30-60 minutes to reach its maximal concentration in the blood and its effects can last between three and nine hours which is dependent on the person.

The Social Drinker

This type of drinker doesn’t really have a wide range of information about the ins and outs of ordering and can usually spot them staring mindlessly at the menu board while trying to figure out which is the smallest out of a venti and a grande. They’re just after the looks, they order coffee that looks better regardless of the taste or feeling. They just want to be on trend. As they get their order, it’s compulsory that they take awesome photos to be shared on their social networking pages like Instagram. You probably see them in the coffee shops trying to find the perfect lighting to make the photo looks good. They end up drinking only half of the coffee.

The Connoisseur

This one is surely a coffee enthusiast. People in this category really knows exactly the kind of coffee that they are drinking and the reason for drinking it. You can spot them enjoying a cup of coffee in silence together with their favorite snacks that go well with it. Whenever they go to a new restaurant, they always try the coffee and most definitely, they have the knowledge of where to find the best coffee in town. This is because they only want to drink the best.

Now that you have the information about the types of coffee drinkers, what type do you think you belong?

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