Flat White Vs. Latte: How are they different from one another?


Flat White Vs. Latte: How are they different from one another?

With a lot of coffee beans suppliers in the Philippines to choose from, it is not enough for a coffee shop owner to choose only the affordable coffee bean supplier, but rather, it is important for them to choose only what’s best in the town. It’s the coffee beans, after all, that is the main elements of the coffee drink that you’re gonna make.

If you are a coffee shop business aspirant and you are planning to establish your cafe, it is vital that you know every aspect of the business that you’re gonna build. From managing a shop to dealing with your target market, establishing your name and perfecting that dream coffee or product that you’re gonna sell, every aspect of your business is crucial for your success. Whether you are a coffee addict or an entrepreneur who wants to start up a coffee shop business, it is essential that you know the type of coffee that you are going to request from your barista or you are going to serve if you are the one who has a coffee shop business. You may already know the different types of coffee that you drink or serve in your cafe, but today, we’re gonna discuss the two types of coffee that are mostly confused with one another: the flat white and the latte.

Flat White

The origin of flat white has since been debated to begin from either Australia or New Zealand, with both nations claiming to have had invented the famous coffee.

Flat white basically, is a coffee drink that consists of espresso with micro foamed milk. It is made by pouring the steamed milk freely, straight from the pitcher into the espresso. Microfoam will mix from espresso which then creates a smooth velvety surface for the drink.


Latte is a coffee drink that is made with espresso and steamed milk with foam at the top. It came from the Italian words “caffe latte” which means milk coffee. It is composed of one-third espresso, two-thirds steamed milk which is then topped with milk foam.

Flat White and Latte Similarities

The most obvious similarity between flat white and latte is that they are both milk coffees. Both drinks can have the same amount of coffee which can be a single shot or a double shot espresso. They are both made of espresso and steamed milk, as well. If you were drinking a flat white and someone have told you that what you were drinking is a latte, it will be hard for you to tell the difference if you do not know what makes them different from one another.

Flat White vs. Latte: Differences

We know how hard it could be to differentiate the two drinks; here are the few guides to know the differences between your favorite milk coffees:

  • Size May Matter. The easiest way to differentiate the two drinks is by their size. While the specific size of cup and coffee to milk ratio may vary, we can say that generally, a flat white is smaller than a latte. Flat whites are usually served in smaller cups while lattes are best enjoyed in glasses.
  • Because flat white has less milk with the same amount of coffee, it is stronger than a latte.
  • Taste Will Differ. Latte is creamier than the flat white; you may taste the milk more in latte than in flat white. Flat white will taste more like an espresso shot that is just smoother and creamier.
  • Milk Texture is the real deal. You may know the real difference between the flat white and latte with their milk texture. The milk texture is formed by the way the milk is steamed and mixed with the espresso shot. When you steam the milk in the pitcher with a steam wand, three layers of milk is formed. There’s the hot liquid milk at the very bottom of the pitcher, in the middle is the tiny bubbles of air trapped in milk which is the velvet microfoam and on the top is the thickest froth, with the biggest bubbles and thickest foam.

A flat white is a smoother drink where the microfoam is consistently mixed with espresso, whereas latte is foamier and has a thick layer of foam at the top.

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If you enjoy the nuanced flavours of specialty coffee but want something dairy-based, a flat white could be a better option than a latte. Because it has less milk, a flat white will allow you to more fully experience the sensorial profile of the beans. But is it objectively better? No. There are many ways to experience specialty coffee and we each have a personal preference.
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