A Beauty Queen’s Crown is Worn for A Year. A Nurse’s Crown Is Worn for A Lifetime.

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A Beauty Queen’s Crown is Worn for A Year. A Nurse’s Crown Is Worn for A Lifetime.

The weather may be cold with no sign of subsiding, but since it’s hearts’ month, allow us to share Lyn and Aris’ story of 31 years (and counting) of love that will surely warm our hearts.

Lyn was a former Senior Nurse who has stellar overseas work experience from various hospitals abroad while Aris specializes in I.T. Both met at the agency where Aris worked and where Lyn applied to be a Midwife in Saudi more than three decades ago. What started as a simple meeting will span years of union between the two.

Small moments do matter because when we asked them what they both like to do as couples, they said that they love drinking coffee together day and night. Lover’s quarrel sometimes cannot be avoided but when Aris reaches out with a cup of coffee in his hand, suddenly the sulking goes away.

“Romantic. Loving. Joker.” That is what Lyn said when asked to describe Aris in just three words – no explaining. Aris wittily describes Lyn as “My. Better. Half.”

Coffee, they consider, is an important part of their day because it sets the mood, calms the spirit, and according to the two, a lot of their plans and dreams were made and realized while sipping their favorite drink. Moreover, it makes their conversation better.

Being in a relationship can be tough, as it will expose you to a whole lot of learning about yourself and your better half. For Lyn, it is to set big dreams and pair them with hard work, so you’ll reap the fruits of your labor in the future. Aris talks about having the mindset that nothing is impossible through hard work. And whatever the achievement is, big or small, it pays to celebrate them together.

Finally, we asked them their secret to a long-lasting relationship, and they spilled the tea. Couples listen up!

“Loving someone is similar to planting a tree, you have to nurture it, water it every day, weed out other plants that might take its nutrients, and be patient with it until it bears fruit,” Lyn said. “And the way that I was taken care of by Aris, like a tree, was when he sustained for my Nursing education. Before I took up the degree, we were together already, and he is the one who gave me my dream of wearing a nurse’s cap. Jokingly she said, “I will forever wear that crown, unlike beauty contests where winners get to wear their crown for a year.”

“Always give the respect that your partner deserves all the time. Avoid engaging in a word war because when you are angry, you will lash out words that will hurt both of you and that you will surely regret afterward,” Aris said. “In addition to respecting each other, give them your trust and belief in the relationship that you have. Lastly, there is no such thing as a perfect relationship, when problems are arising in the relationship, keep them private while resolving them together.”

So, there we have it. A story decades in the making summarized in one great conversation over a cup of coffee that is worth sharing.

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