The explanations on why coffee bean roasting level matters

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The explanations on why coffee bean roasting level matters

Coffee indeed has a very vibrant and rich history tracing back approximately 5,000 years ago. Over 70 countries have been cultivating coffee and distribute it around the globe. Meaning to say, not all coffee will grow and taste the same as the other. Still, there’s no doubt that it holds the title of being the most popular drinks worldwide as the majority preferred to have at least a cup of it daily. With that, all of us differ from one another as each is looking for a coffee that is done in a very specific way depending on one preference.

Coffee usually grows and cultivated on countries that are either on or near the equator as these countries usually have warm weather conditions all year round and are rarely to drop below freezing point. Just the perfect weather for coffee to grow. However, the taste and structure of the coffee beans still vary depending on the country’s location, either below, in the middle of above the equator. One best example is the coffee that grows in South America and Africa will most likely taste a whole lot different from one another. This greatly affects our preference when it comes to a coffee that we want to drink and the kind of coffee that we don’t like. We’ve listed below several reasons why different coffee bean roasting matters and how each of them varies when it comes to roasting them.

Types of Coffee beans and when you can purchase them 

Some coffee drinkers know how to roast coffee. One thing that should be considered is the kind of coffee beans that match one’s preference for coffee and the location where to purchase it. Let’s first talk about the kind of coffee that is strong basically for people that like more potency. If you want to get a strong roasted coffee, robust would be one of the best and strongest beans that are going to meet your requirements and gives you a strong kick in every cup of your coffee.

As you choose the robust coffee beans, rest assured that you’ll get more than 2.7% caffeine in volume. According to Caffeine Brothers Corp., Robusta coffee is capable of providing its users double the potency than any other strong coffee like Arabian coffee beans can provide. If you prefer a lighter coffee, several light version coffee beans are available on the market but are still flavorful.

Different coffee bean roasting levels 

Roasting coffee beans it is way easier than what it seems just make sure that you’re familiar with the kind of bean that you’re getting and how long you should roast it. To get the darkest roasted coffee, and if you prefer a coffee with a strong kick, it would be better to get Robusta coffee beans. This needs to be cook at a higher temperature for longer periods. If you want to attain a dark roast, coffee experts and enthusiasts say that it should be cooked at 190 – 195F for about 20 to 30 minutes.

On the other hand, if you want a medium roast, it is suggested to get a medium roast Arabian coffee bean at exactly 200F for about 25 minutes if you like your coffee to have more potency. if ever you like your coffee light, better pick a light coffee bean. It is recommended to roast them at 205F between 28 to 32 minutes. The temperature and the duration of roasting the bean are very important if you want to achieve your level of coffee.

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