Searching for good local coffee beans? Here’s where you can purchase them

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Searching for good local coffee beans? Here’s where you can purchase them

The wait is finally over as we’ve listed below the details of several 100% homegrown coffee brands that you’ve long been searching for. The Philippines coffee industry is once again growing and we should be proud of it. Witness its beautiful process from bean to brew as those single-origin cherries are grown and harvested directly from the rich land in our country. Then, it was delicately hand-picked and roasted by the hardworking and passionate Filipino farmers. No doubt that it creates a distinct cup of good and homegrown coffee that everyone can enjoy and take pride in.

Fasten your seat belt as we travel to purchase and taste the locally-owned coffee brands that deserve a 100% support.

Caffeine Brothers

Caffeine Brothers is one of the well-established coffee retailer and distributor in the country. They are committed to delivering fresh and quality specialty coffee straight to your doorstep.

They have Arabica, Liberica, Robusta, and CB’s Finest. The price ranges from Php 190.00 – Php 600.00 depending on the type of coffee and grams. If you want a bittersweet taste and mesmerizing floral aroma, Arabica is for you, which is also being sought after by coffee enthusiasts and commercial institutions. It usually grew and cultivated in more elevate areas here in the Philippines. On the other hand, Liberica is commonly known as Kapeng Barako. It is known for its strong kick and pungent aroma and has a higher level of caffeine. Robusta is the popular choice for home brewers and baristas alike due to its caffeine and antioxidants giving you a unique bitter taste. Lastly, don’t forget to try out CB’s finest and achieve the taste and aroma that you’ve been looking for in a cup of coffee. You’ll experience the lingering nutty aftertaste and is also rich in flavor.

If you want to get a supply of their products, you can order it through their online website, or even to their social media pages. What are you waiting for? Contact them now and start brewing.

Hineleban Café

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This is another local artisanal café who serves homegrown brands and also takes into consideration their pride in their ethics, community-driven efforts, and sourcing processes. If you want to try out their coffee, their store is located behind Rockwell Drive. Hineleban Café mainly sells specialty 100% Arabica coffee beans. With every purchase of their coffee whether in-store or online,there’s a certain percentage that is allocated to the reforestation efforts for the Mindanao indigenous mountain communities. With every bag of coffee you purchase, Hineleban plants a tree for you and placed it under your name. If you desire, you can also get a tree code and track the growth of your tree.

To give you an idea, their Arabica beans come in the ground or whole bean form that is grown, hand-picked, and gathered straight from Hineleban Farms in Mount Kitanglad, Bukidnon, Mindanao. Due to its region’s location, the ripe red coffee cherries are being praised for its fruit-like nutty undertones, caramel after-taste, cocoa dustings, smooth, and even balanced finish.  

Go Brew 

Another contender and making noise within the local coffee industry is the Go Brew. This is a venture of a group of friends that are always in search of the perfect cup ‘o joe. Go brew is known due to its unprocessed taste as it takes pride in every cup’s hands-on experience from the local roasters who are working cooperatively with farmers, through enhancing the flavors of their hand-picked harvest from four different origins.

They have four 250g coffee beans to choose from namely Barako (Php 250.00), Benguet (Php 300.00), Sultan Kudarat (Php 350.00), and Mt. Matutum (Php 350.00).

The Barako is known for its strong, bold flavor with a hint of jackfruit in terms of aroma and taste. This is directly sourced from Cavite and is roasted until it attains the medium-dark color. The Benguet, on the other hand, is grown in the highlands of Atok, resulting to a medium-dark color when roasted, bearing fruity lemon and even grapefruit notes and known for its tea-like finish. The Sultan Kudarat came from the Manobo farmers’ who diligently harvest the medium-roast Arabica beans grown in the lush rainforest of Kalamansig, Sultan Kudarat. It produces notes of roasted nuts, cacao, tamarind, and even caramelized sugar-like taste. Lastly, the Mt. Matumtum boasts its nutty and dark chocolate flavors which are carefully planted and grown on South Cotabato’s elevated fertile soil.

KapeTayo Coffee

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This is 100% homegrown, commencing from bean, brew, to brand. This cozy café is located at UP Town Center. As you visit the area, don’t forget to have a cup of their must-try Kape Ginto which roughly costs Php 100.00. It’s a milky creamy Arabica coffee drink with local honey and muscovado sugar. If time does not persist, you can still have and enjoy their offerings at home.

The so-called bean backbone of KapeTayo’s smooth and balanced brew is their Inspiration which is 100g and cost Php 259.00. It is made with 100% high-altitude Arabica grown and delicately hand-picked from the Northern provinces. If you want to have a taste of the chocolatey cup of coffee with caramelized vanilla and muscovado notes, you should try this one. In addition to Inspiration, they also have Premium AAA Barako which is Php269.00 for 100g. It is made from 100% Liberica beans that result in a strong, full-bodied, and mildly exotic flavor. 


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This single coffee origin is being sourced out locally and directly from various farms and cooperatives around the Philippines. If you’re into high-quality green Arabica beans, Coffeellera is one of your best options. Beans here are hand-picked, sorted manually and rest assured that it is 100% organic.

From Benguet, they have the washed Atok which is Php309.00 for 250g and Kibungan which cost the same for the given grams. Those natural washed Mount Apo which is Php 350.00 for 250g and Bukidnon beans which are Php 420.00 for the same grams which came from Mindanao. 

Café Sito

This small business is built on the legacy of the owner’s late father. It is known and respected for its testament of what a shared love of quality coffee can bring to their fellow-Filipinos’ breakfast tables.

Three available 100% Arabica blends come in black coffee, iced latte blend, and pour over blend. The black coffee blend is known for its distinctive fruity-floral taste, sour and acidic notes. Ice latte blend, on the other hand, has a balanced, dark roast blend with a touch of hazelnut notes. Lastly, the
pour-over blend has floral jasmine notes with hints of juicy pineapple, dark
cocoa, especially when mixed with milk.

The black coffee and ice latte blend are ethically sourced from the majority of female farmers in Benguet which are born from green beans and later on brought in Ampuca, and Atok in Benguet. The pour-over blend, therefore, comes from Mt. Matutum which is located in South Cotabato. A 300g bag costs Php 700.00 while a can only cost Php 950.00. 


This hip bodega is can be found in Teachers Village that is known for serving up 100% single-origin, women-harvested, naturally-grown, hand-picked and sorted, and direct trade coffee. SGD Coffee is faithful to its sustainable advocacy as they use a mix of recycled materials reclaimed for its interiors. It also makes use of discarded wood cargo pallets, junkshop quality GI sheets, and even old wooden door jambs which makes it known to support its sustainably grown coffee.

Due to Sagada’s cold climate, a special type of Arabica is harvested from its fertile and unique soil components, hand-picked, and then air-dried at the SGD’s farm site. What’s great about SGD is that its Medaille Gourmet Award-winning beans are known for its smooth, full-flavored with sweet oak aroma hints. If you want to support SGD’s mission to uplift the work of our hardworking Filipino farmers, you can visit their coffee shop and purchase some freshly brewed espresso for Php 95.00, SGD black for Php 120.00, Cappuccino for Php 145.00, flat white for Php 145.00, SGD cold for Php 175 and lastly their affogato for only Php 155.00. 

Calda Drip Coffee

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If you’re an on-the-go type of coffee drinker, this one is for you. It will make your caffeine-driven life much easier inclusive of strong and rich coffee to match.

Calda Drip Coffee is known for its “pourtable” coffee that provided freshly
brewed coffee in just a couple of minutes without even using a French press or coffee machine. Just get your hot water ready. Their coffee comes in two kinds namely Blue Mountain blend and Arabica blend which cost Php 280 per box comprising of seven 10g drip coffee packs. To give you an overview, their Arabica blend is a medium-roast with notes of peanut, caramel, and potato while the Blue Mountain blend is known for its walnuts, dark cocoa, and roasted hazelnuts.

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